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We carry out all types of cosmetic surgery and have done so since 1999. Things have changed a lot over the last 3o years which has given us the vast experience that we have today.

Luxury, quality & comfort

Speacial Packages

We believe all cosmetic surgery procedures should be an experience which is why all our hospitals and clinics offer luxury, quality and comfort. Ask about our special packages which can be tailored to your specific needs.

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  • Breast Surgery  —  From £4490
  • Face Lifts  — From £4930 
  • Liposuction  — From £2400
  • Tummy Tuck  — From £5950
  • Non Surgical  — From £160
  • Packages  —  Starting at £5150


Experience, quality & comfort

Our Team

We have some of the very best Surgeons, Doctors, Nurses and practitioners practising cosmetic surgery here in the UK. We don’t need to justfy that we might be more expensive than some other cosmetic surgery clinics however if you are looking for some of the very best procedures available in the UK you will not be disappointed if you choose us. Ask about our special finance options – we can advice on using private pension savings as well.

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